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Welcome to the 2021 Super Metroid Triple Bingo


Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to compete! Tournament begins Friday July 16, 2021.


Players are  required to join the Discord server at  []. Discord will be the official medium used to communicate with players and schedule races.


The category for this tournament is Triple Bingo, and will use bingo cards from

The procedure for TB is the following: 

Players will choose three sets of goals (row, column, or diagonal) to complete. Players may choose their goals at any time and may change their chosen goals at any time. The race card will be revealed during the countdown before the start of the race. 

Goals may not conflict (but they may overlap). The winner is the first player to complete three sets of goals.


The tournament will be qualifiers into a best of three single elimination bracket with a maximum of 32 players. 


There will be six qualifiers, two each weekend over three weekends. Players may participate in up to 4 qualifiers and only the top two scores will count.

Qualifier Schedule:

Week1: 10pm Friday July 16, 3pm Saturday July 17

Week2: 1pm Saturday July 24, 1pm Sunday July 25

Week3: 8pm Friday July 30, 11am Saturday July 31

Scoring for qualifiers will be as follows:



PAR_TIME will be determined by the average finish time of the top X teams, variable by number of players entering the race.  For 1-6 players, X = 1; 7-12 players, X = 2; 13-18 players, X = 3, and 19+ players, X = 4.

Any player that satisfactorily completes a race will receive a minimum of 5 points.

Players are asked to be in the racetime room 10 minutes ahead of time.

Please note that all runs in qualifiers will be verified by organizers and/or additional volunteers. Players will be asked to put what row/column/diagonal in their comments. Any player that does not complete three goals will be disqualified from that race only and receive a score of 0 for that run. A disqualified run will still count as one of that player's four runs. If it is determined that a player has purposefully tried to submit a run that did not complete three goals properly, that player will be disqualified from participating in the rest of the tournament.

Players may (and are in fact encouraged to) double check that they have completed their goals after they have finished by doing such things as farming for ammo or refilling at the ship. This time will not count against them unless the player determines that they have not in fact completed their goals. If such is the case, they must undone in racetime, and hit done again once they have completed their goals.


The top 32 players will play a best of three single elimination bracket. If a top 32 player chooses not to compete, the next player on the list will be invited. If you make it into top 32, and for any reason choose not to compete, please let the admins know as soon as possible.


One week will be given for each round of matches.  All matches must be scheduled by the end of each respective week.  If extra time due to a scheduling conflict or other circumstance is needed, please contact a tournament organizer ASAP. Once you and your opponent agree on a time please use this form [link not available yet] to submit your match.


If a match isn't scheduled by the end of the defined week (11:59 PM EDT on the respective Friday), that match will count as a forfeit for one or both of the players.  If one player has issues with their opponent not responding to schedule a match by the deadline (and tournament admins are kept in the loop about communication issues), the opponent will be forfeited and the other player will advance with a win for the match.  If both players are considered no-shows (worst case), both players will be forfeited in order of seed.




Players will use Racetime [] to time and record their races. The final time listed on RT will be the official time for the match. Races will use standard Racetime rules  [] as well as the following:


All players are required to stream their matches.

Players must have racetime accounts that are connected to their twitch accounts.

All files should start at 0:00 with the intro sequence completed so play begins on Ceres station.

Players may use cartridge, flashcart, Super NT, SNES Classic console or an emulator (except SNES9x 1.43 or below and ZSNES, which are banned).

Players must use the official North American/Japanese (JU) version of the game (not PAL). No modifications may be made. This includes (but is not limited to) max ammo counts being available, sprite changes, palette changes and use of MSU1 for audio.

Players must have clean audio. Mic’s and alerts should be turned off.

Major glitches are banned. This includes (but is not limited to) anything that takes the player OOB along with the spacetime beam, GT Code and underflowing ammo. If you are unsure whether a specific glitch is considered a major glitch please ask a tournament organizer.


Clarification for specific timings for when a goal is considered complete:


Item Collection: Collect at least the amount the goal states. (i.e. 7 e-tanks means 7 or more e-tanks)

Item Acquisition: When you lose control of Samus before playing the item fanfare.

Finish in room: When you gain control of Samus after the door transition.

Station Rooms: When you gain control of Samus after the door transition into the respective station's room.

Defeat (Mini)boss: When the (Mini)boss begins their dying animation.  For each:

Crocomire: When his bones begin to fall apart to the ground after breaking the spiked wall

Botwoon: When he stops moving

Kraid: When spikes begin disappearing

Phantoon: When he starts blinking

Draygon: When eyes roll up

All Others: When explosions begin

Skip Item: Automatically completed assuming you never pick up that item.

Destroy Statues: When the door leading out of the statue room unlocks.

Visit critters: All three Etecoons and the Dachora must appear entirely on screen.

Finish Near Beam: When you gain control of Samus after the door transition into the respective beam's room and the Chorizo statue is fully on-screen.



Matches will be restreamed to one of the SpeedGaming channels when possible along with commentary. If a SpeedGaming channel is unavailable at the time your match is scheduled then it could potentially be restreamed to the SpeedRunsLive or SuperMetroidEvents channels, however this will be dependent on those channels availability and whether a restreamer can be found.


For questions please contact an Organizer on the tournament discord server ( Your organizers for this tournament are: Feral#6214, Belthasar#4521, sloaters27#8506, Kipp#4296, Maniacal#5214, TracieM#2842, kekumanshoyu#4650, Dingus#8760, Di10#4516.

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